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News Articles

A new “culprit” for matter-antimatter asymmetry  
A train for the bus(bars)  
Our Universe is yours  
LS1 Report: working night and day  
A new awakening for accelerator cavities  
Prepare to be blown away  
Increasing the potential  
Detectors that don’t fear neutrons  
High-powered manoeuvres  
Stress and back pain: we’re all concerned!  
Quantum lottery  
Android is the new Windows  
Ombuds’ corner: Employee silence  
News from the Library: PressDisplay on mobile devices!  

Training and Development

Oracle support provides a range of new tutorials  
Launch of new e-learning course “Safety during LS1”  
Management and communication courses – Places available  
New course: “Lync – click to call and collaborate with others”  
Self-Rescue Mask Training  
Safety Training: places available in April 2013  
French courses  


Get all the official CERN holidays automatically added to your CERN mailbox calendar  
Official CERN holidays | Restaurant opening hours  
Closure of Restaurant 2  
The OHS-0-0-3 form on “Identification of occupational hazards” is now available on EDH  
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Cancellation of shuttle Circuit 3  
CERN-Fermilab Hadron Collider Physics Summer School 2013 open for applications  


Mathilde Fontanet présente son livre « Décembre »  
Julien Lesgourgues presents his book "Neutrino Cosmology"  
Université de Genève | Séminaire de physique corpusculaire | 24 April  
Academic Training Lecture | The Upgrade Programme of the LHC Detectors (1/3) | 29 April  
Academic Training Lecture | Beyond Feynman Diagrams (1/3) | 24 April  

Staff Association

L’Association change de « peau » et se modernise !  
Assemblée générale  
Cine Club  
Orienteering club  
Club de pétanque  
Dancing club  
Offers for our members  
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