WAMAS: an event to develop synergies between research and industry

On 19-20 November, CERN hosted the first Workshop on Advanced Materials and Surfaces (WAMAS) in the framework of EIROforum, a network of Europe’s largest inter-governmental research organisations.



“The intent of the workshop was to promote the importance of materials and surfaces technology in the research programmes of European organisations,” explains Enrico Chesta, CERN’s Technology Transfer Section Leader and chairman of the EIROforum Working Group on Innovation Management. “Events like WAMAS help support the involvement of industry with scientific institutions because they facilitate the translation of the available expertise into commercial applications.” The event was organised with the support of EuCARD-2 and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) through the Rhône-Alpes Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“More than 160 participants came together at the workshop; there was a good balance between industry, CERN and other European research institutes,” says Enrico Chesta. “Participants were given the chance to establish new partnerships during a brokerage session, organised by EEN, which was completely dedicated to face-to-face meetings between entrepreneurs and researchers to discuss new opportunities.” An innovative feature of the workshop was the catalogue of “technology profiles” submitted by the companies and organisations, and distributed prior to the event. This gave the participants the chance to plan the meetings they were interested in in advance.  

“It was a very successful initiative, as confirmed by the large number of participants, the 300 meetings requested and the very positive feedback we’ve received so far,” continues Enrico Chesta. “The WAMAS event was an opportunity for CERN and the other EIROforum institutes to share their know-how in complex technological fields, thus supporting the competitiveness of their industrial partners.”

by Rosaria Marraffino