CERN's new safety policy

The documents below, published on 29 September 2014 on the HSE website, together replace the document SAPOCO 42 as well as Safety Codes A1, A5, A9, A10, which are no longer in force. As from the publication date of these documents any reference made to the document SAPOCO 42 or to Safety Codes A1, A5, A9 and A10 in contractual documents or CERN rules and regulations shall be deemed to constitute a reference to the corresponding provisions of the documents listed below.


"The CERN Safety Policy"
"Safety Regulation SR-SO - Responsibilities and organisational structure in matters of Safety at CERN"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-1 - Departmental Safety Officer (DSO)"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-2 - Territorial Safety Officer (TSO)"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-3 - Safety Linkperson (SLP)"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-4 - Large Experiment Group Leader In Matters of Safety (LEXGLIMOS)"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-5 - Experiment Safety Officer (EXSO)"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-6 - Specialised Safety Officer (SSO)"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-7 - Project Safety Officer (PSO)"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-8 - Radiation Safety Support Officer (RSSO)"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-9 - Departmental Safety Officers Committee (DSOC)"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-10 - Complex Safety Advisory Panel (CSAP)"
"General Safety Instruction GSI-SO-11 - Specialised Safety Officers Committees (SSOC)"