Subsidised energy prices in France: TPN – Tarif de première nécessité (“Basic needs” electricity price) and TSS – Tarif spécial de solidarité (special solidarity price for natural gas)

Some members of the CERN personnel residing in France have once again received a letter informing them that they are eligible for the “TPN” and/or “TSS” subsidised energy prices (see Bulletin No. 08-09/2014).

At the beginning of the year, the Organization contacted the French authorities, who confirmed that these subsidies are not applicable to members of the CERN personnel.

The Organization therefore asks the members of its personnel who receive such a letter to call the freephone number (numéro vert) provided* to say that they do not wish to benefit from these subsidised energy prices.

The Organization would like to remind the members of its personnel that, notably in line with the Code of Conduct, they are expected to refrain from unduly seeking to obtain such social benefits or subsidies and, where necessary, to take the necessary steps to relinquish them.

The French authorities and the Organization are working closely to ensure that these letters are no longer sent to the members of the CERN personnel.

*From France: 0 800 333 123 for the TPN and 0 800 333 124 for the TSS.

Human Resources Department