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UNOSAT joins the fight against Ebola  
Bringing science to the policy table  
LS1 Report: ALICE ups the ante  
CRISTAL-ISE your project  
Mystery photos: challenge No. 2!  
A neighbourly collaboration  
President of Ecuador visits CERN  
Behind the scenes of GS: Mapping the future of CERN  
Computer Security: Join the CERN WhiteHat Challenge!  
Ombud’s corner: Do you believe in ghosts?  
News from the Library: Scientific Information Service - service interruption  
Colin Ramm (1921 - 2014)  
Louis Dick (1921 - 2014)  
Bruno Zumino (1923 - 2014)  

Official News

CHIS – Letter from French health insurance authorities "Assurance Maladie" and “frontalier” status  
Subsidised energy prices in France: TPN – Tarif de première nécessité (“Basic needs” electricity price) and TSS – Tarif spécial de solidarité (special solidarity price for natural gas)  
News from CHIS  


Disruption - Access cards service  
The 2014 French health campaign reminds us that “flu must be taken seriously”  
2015 Latin American School of High-Energy Physics | Ibarra, Ecuador | 4 - 17 March 2015  


Concert | Arias and Art Songs | Main Auditorium | 3 November  
Université de Genève | Physics Colloquium | 3 November  
Wright Colloquium | Les secrets du soleil | 10-14 November  
CERN Library | Edoardo Amaldi presents "The adventurous life of Friedrich Georg Houtermans, physicist (1903-1966)" | 11 November  
Workshop | CERN openlab IT in Healthcare | 11 November  
Academic Training Lectures | Instrumentation | 12-14 November  
Public conference | Past, present future: LHC and future possibilities | Michelangelo Mangano, Lucie Linssen and Günther Dissertori | 20 November  
THE Port: hackathon at CERN | Starts soon! | 31 October-2 November  

Staff Association

CSAIO: exchanging experience to better defend the interests of the staff  
Cine club  
CERN WoMen's club  
Dancing club  
Expo Junior  



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