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Safety Training: "Habilitation électrique - Non-Electrician - Initial" course in September

The next "Habilitation électrique - Non-Electrician - Initial" course will be given, in French, on 12 September 2016.  >>

Safety Training: "Manual Handling" course in September

The next "Manual Handling" course will be given, in French, on 26 September 2016. This course is designed for anyone required to carry out manual handling of loads in the course of their work. >>

News Articles

A dual tech gem for future neutrino detectors  
ESOF: Showcasing science, diversity and inclusivity  
ICHEP 2016: to b(ump) or not to b(ump)  
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Roberto Petronzio (1949 – 2016)  

Official News

Procedure for the delivering of personal short-term visitor dosimeters  
Human Resources Department: report on the settlement of disputes and discipline  
Don’t leave your baggage unattended  
Procedure for obtaining visas for Switzerland and France - Signature rights  
Security affects us all!  


News regarding Mobility at CERN  
Closure of the flagpole car park from 1 to 5 September  
New signage in the "Les Cèdres" car park  
General Purpose (office) Network reorganisation  
New location of the Learning and Development group  
Bike to work safely  
Entrepreneurship as a career path  
New AIDA-2020 call for breakthrough detector technologies  
CERN announces the fourth annual Beamline for Schools competition  
New shuttle stop in front of the Safety Training Centre  
Logistics Services Reminder  
CERN restaurants: opening hours during summer  


Conference: Seeing two black holes merge (with gravitational waves!) | 14 September | Uni Dufour  
Conference: Probing the warped side of our Universe with gravitational waves and computer simulations | 16 September | Uni Dufour  
‘Lightning talks’ from the CERN openlab summer students | 15 and 18 August 2016  
This summer, go behind-the-scenes of CERN in photos in the Microcosm  
Cryogenic Safety HSE Seminar | 21 - 23 September 2016  

Staff Association

Changes at the helm but still on course at the Staff Association  
Summer Camp, July 2016  
Club de Pétanque  
Cricket club looking for new players  
Yoga Club  
Cine Club  
Un canoéiste du CERN vice-champion de France V3