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News Articles

Champagne for the cryogenics teams  
Patrick Janot receives the CNRS silver medal  
CERN exhibition a big hit in Bulgaria  
Physics from the four corners of the world  
LHC: seven golden suppliers  
Science on stage  
Big Bang à Genève - French version only  

Official News

Procedure for obtaining visas for Switzerland and France - Signature Rights  
End-of-year-closure 2005/2006  
P3 and P4 car parksat Geneva Airport  

Training and Development

Academic Training: Predicting Natural Catastrophes  
Academic Training: 2nd Term - 09.01.2006 - 31.03.2006  
Management & Communication Training: Dates of courses for January to June 2006  

General Information

Restaurant No.2 closed during the end-of-year holidays  
CERN Shop - Christmas Sale on 15 and 16 December 2005  
IT Services Availability during the CERN Annual Closure 2005  
Monday 9 January 2006: RESTRICTED ACCESS to the Technical Network  
Improving Windows desktop security - the 'Non-Admin' Project  
Business Plan Competition open for CERN technologies  
CERN Housing Service : HOSTELS  
Reduced heating level during the end-of-year closure  
Thefts, break-ins, etc.  
Safety instruction 51 (IS51)  
United Nations Women's Guild  
Reduction of electricity comsumption during 'high cost' periods in winter 2005 - 2006  
Publication of the Bulletin in 2006  
On sale at the CERN branch of the Post Office from 1 December 2005  
To the attention of all dosimeter users  
For information: Geneva University  
Network Connection Management  



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