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The fine art of preparing a vacuum  
Two ATLAS trackers become one  
LHC Olympics flex physicists' brains  
Take part in the CERN scientific adventure: come and explore the Globe!  
1000th magnet delivered!  
The potential of the quantum computer  
Discovery Mondays - Mass: a question of weight?  

Official News

Modification to the MAPS interview process and electronic form  
Pension Fund: Clarification  

Training and Development

Academic Training - Bioinformatics: Decoding the Genome  
Language training: English & French courses  
Technical Training: Places available  
CERN Technical Training 2006: WBTechT offers online training  
Technical Training Seminar: Physicists in the world of finance  
Management & Communication Training  

Staff Association

Referendum - Results  
To those who doubt or… who do not dare, or… who simply do not care !  



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