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The fine art of preparing a vacuum

The vacuum chambers, or beam pipes, of the LHC experiments are located right at the interface between the detectors and the accelerator, and are therefore crucial to the LHC project as a whole. In this domain, the ALICE and CMS experiments have just passed an important milestone, with the completion of the first of CMS's two end-cap vacuum chambers, together with the completion and bakeout of an 18-metre section of the ALICE vacuum chamber. These complex projects, for which CERN's AT/VAC Group is responsible, involved dozens of people over a number of years. >>

Two ATLAS trackers become one

The ATLAS inner detector barrel comes one step closer to completion as the semiconductor tracker is merged with the transition radiation tracker. >>

LHC Olympics flex physicists' brains

Physicists from around the world met at CERN to strengthen their data-deciphering skills at the second LHC Olympics workshop. >>

Take part in the CERN scientific adventure: come and explore the Globe!

Programme February-March 2006 Temporary exhibition '100 years after Einstein'Exhibition extended until Saturday 1st April 2006 inclusive. Open Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. >>

1000th magnet delivered!

On Monday 20 February members of the AT Department marked the delivery of the 1000th superconducting dipole magnet to CERN. >>

The potential of the quantum computer

The Physics Section of the University of Geneva is continuing its series of lectures, open to the general public, on the most recent developments in the field of physics. >>

Discovery Mondays - Mass: a question of weight?

Mass and weight: two rather commonplace phenomena on the surface of it, but would you be able to explain the difference between them? And do you know how gravity works? If you let go of a paperclip and... >>

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