CERN Courier has a new look

During more than 50 years of existence, CERN’s well-known magazine has changed several times in appearance. Now, for the first time since the 1990s, it has a new look for the new decade.


The new cover of the CERN Courier.

Originally conceived as an internal newsletter, the CERN Courier first appeared in August 1959 in an edition of 8 pages with a print run of 1000. From the start it generated interest outside CERN, with its articles not only on CERN but also about particle physics around the world. The number of copies doubled in the first 6 months in response to the external demand. As CERN prepares to welcome new Member States in the coming years, it’s even more fitting that the magazine should continue to address a global readership, now totalling some 25,000 and extending throughout the many countries that have an interest in particle physics.

It’s therefore important that the CERN Courier should remain appealing to this extensive audience, both visually and in content. The previous design dated back to 1998 when IOP Publishing took over the production work on the magazine and introduced a more dynamic layout with colour throughout. This included distinct pages for News and Features, with regular sections, such as Astrowatch and Bookshelf, which have since grown with the addition of Sciencewatch, Archive and the back page Viewpoint or Inside Story.

The new design by Andrew Giaquinto and Jesse Karjalainen at IOP Publishing retains this structure but brings a more contemporary, cleaner look. At the same time it retains the authoritative style appropriate to a magazine that will continue to serve the worldwide particle-physics community in the future, in particular as CERN extends geographically.

We hope that readers enjoy the new look!

by Christine Sutton