News from the Library: Zentralblatt MATH: it's not all about maths

The CERN Library provides access to numerous and diverse information services of interest to the CERN community. Among them, Zentralblatt MATH stands out from our offer of online databases.


Zentralblatt MATH covers more than 3 million articles published in about 3500 journals, from 1826 to the present. Most bibliographic records are linked to the online published article.

It covers all areas of pure and applied mathematics and also theoretical computer science, mathematical quantum and statistical physics, classical, solid and fluid mechanics, and general relativity and astronomy. Therefore, this database is useful in many disciplines beyond mathematics. It is daily updated and allows advanced search functionalities. Among others things, it includes the content of the Electronic Research Archive for Mathematics, the European Mathematical Information Service, and the Mathematics Preprint Search System.

Please note the "Online Ordering" button next to every bibliographic record: it allows you to order the original document from the Technische InformationsBibliothek (TIB) Hannover, if the article is not accessible online or if the journal is not held by the Library (please check the library catalogue first). An agreement with TIB permits CERN readers to order documents without logging in. PDF will be provided if the German copyright legislation permits it, otherwise photocopies are sent.

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