CERN and Google team up for Science Fair

CERN partners up with Google to present the world’s first online global science competition: the Google Science Fair.

The Google Science Fair invites young people aged 13-18 to conduct innovative science projects and present their results for the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences and opportunities. CERN will offer a three-day visit to the Laboratory to one of the winners, and Rolf Heuer, CERN Director-General, will be on the prestigious panel of judges. Nobel laureates, science entrepreneurs, and science communicators will have the difficult task of choosing the winners.

“Google is a company that was born from scientific experimentation and in that spirit we are interested in promoting science, technology, engineering and maths (best known as STEM) education all over the world,” says Samantha Peter, Education Product Marketing Manager at Google. “By creating a large competition where students can get immersed in these subjects and have the opportunity to share their projects with people around the world, we believe that students’ interest in STEM will increase, encouraging budding scientists to help solve current and future world issues.”

“When an organisation with the visibility of CERN teams up with a group with the global outreach of Google, we have a better chance of getting young people excited about science,” says James Gillies, head of the Communication Group. He may just be on to something, as thousands of students from around the world have already signed up to take part in the fair.


by Katarina Anthony