Curiosity is an essential attribute for anyone who works at CERN, and the HR recruitment team is about to pique the interest of its social media followers with the release of its second Enigma challenge, #CERNJOBSEnigma2. Starting on 29 May, daily clues will be revealed and social media followers can work together to solve the enigma before the answer is revealed on 5 June.


The first Enigma challenge in 2013 was designed to build interest and excitement in the CERN Jobs social media presence ahead of the launch of a radical new web site. One of the surprising aspects of the first Enigma challenge was how collaboratively social media followers worked together to solve the clues.

One of those followers was Dom Nicosia. At the time, Dom was working in the UK as a medical linear accelerator technician in the National Health Service. #CERNJOBSEnigma was never intended to be a direct recruitment tool, but it sparked Dom’s interest in CERN and he is now working as a technician in the Beam Operations group, operating the SPS accelerator. He was so interested in the Enigma that he has co-developed the latest challenge, working with Anna Cook and Michel Guye-Bergeret in HR recruitment.

“I like problem solving,” says Dom. “I got involved with the first challenge by collating all the potential solutions that other Facebook followers had contributed on the CERN Jobs Facebook page into a Google Doc that I shared with everyone. This time, instead of solving the problems, I’ve been setting them – the clues might seem quite abstract, but they will lead you to an answer… eventually!”

“Our aim is to increase CERN’s visibility as an employer of choice," says Anna. “We’re using the CERN Jobs Enigma challenge as an enticing and exciting way to get people engaged and to make them want to find out more about CERN. Once they see the variety of employment opportunities that we offer, we hope that they’ll want to take part.”

That’s what happened to Dom: “Two years ago I was just an admirer of CERN and now I’m working here; it’s good for people to know that (like me) you don’t have to have a PhD to work here. You might not get the first CERN job that you apply for, but keep trying. If you really want something, go for it!”

The #CERNJOBSEnigma2 challenge will be starting on 29 May on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We’re sworn to secrecy about the answer to this enigma – you’ll just have to take part to find out!

by Stephanie Hills