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A new Business Incubation Centre is opening its doors in the Pays de Gex. This is the sixth incubator launched in association with CERN, and it will support the creation of businesses using CERN technologies.


Representatives of the European Business Incubation Centres established in partnership with CERN met to share their experiences on 19 May at CERN’s IdeaSquare.

Do you have an idea for bringing a technology developed at CERN to market? Would you like to start your own business? CERN and its local partners in France* are opening a new business incubator in the Pays de Gex. This incubator, named Innogex and based at the Saint-Genis-Pouilly Technoparc, welcomes entrepreneurs wishing to start a business based on a CERN technology.

Innogex will offer these entrepreneurs advice, administrative and financial support and premises. The entrepreneur’s relationship with Innogex lasts at least three years and can be extended. The incubator is open to projects based on CERN technologies, following approval by the partners. To get started, register on the new Innogex website: www.innogex.fr. The board will meet for the first time on 25 June 2015 to select the incubator's first projects.

Alternatively, if you want to start your business somewhere else in Europe, you can do that too. Innogex is the sixth business incubator established by CERN in its Member States, following others set up in the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Greece and Austria. “For a long time, the transfer of CERN's technologies was done exclusively through licences granted to existing companies,” explains Giovanni Anelli, Knowledge Transfer Group Leader. “We wanted to develop a new form of technology transfer by encouraging the creation of businesses. That's the philosophy behind these incubators.”

The heads of the Business Incubation Centres met at CERN for the first time on 19 May to compare notes; the network formed by these European incubators has the added bonus of allowing the people involved to share their experiences. Many projects are already in the works at these centres, so watch this space…

Innogex is a partnership between the Communauté de communes of the Pays de Gex, the Departmental Council of the Ain, the economic development agency ADE 01, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Ain and the Economic Mission of the Ain.

Bringing an idea to the market

CERN's Knowledge Transfer group offers several tools to help you overcome the various hurdles from an initial idea to the launch of your business.

The network of Business Incubation Centresthe incubators provide logistical, financial and administrative support as well as advice on how to create your business. See the list of incubators.

KT meet-upstwice a month, the group organises informal meetings with specialists in entrepreneurship, innovation, etc. You can sign up to the mailing list here.

The KT Fund: the Knowledge Transfer Fund provides financial support for knowledge transfer activities at CERN. Find out more here.

The technology portfolio: finally, if you dream of starting a business but don’t have a technology in mind, you can browse the catalogue of technologies developed at CERN.

- Feel free to contact us by e-mail if you have any questions: mail-KT@cern.ch.


by Corinne Pralavorio