Rudolf Böck (1935 - 2015)

Rudolf Böck, a distinguished scientist who worked at CERN for over 40 years, died unexpectedly on 15 April at the age of 80.


Rudy obtained his PhD in Munich and started work at CERN on 5 October 1959, just a few years after its establishment, as a mathematician in the Data Handling Division. He worked on a series of experiments including WA7, UA1, and JETSET at LEAR, as well as leading the RD11 (EAST) project studying second-level triggering for the LHC experiments, before joining ATLAS.  

As a member of the ATLAS TDAQ team, Rudy was deeply engaged in second-level trigger activities – from the physics requirements and architectural design to studies with early prototypes. He retired from CERN in 2000, ending his activity on ATLAS, but joined the MAGIC experiment in La Palma as a member of the MPI Munich group, splitting his time between Munich and Geneva.

Rudy will be remembered as a charming, kind and generous man, always interested and ready to share his wisdom both in professional and other matters. His colleagues greatly appreciated his vision and professionalism, as well as his willingness to share his broad experience. His many interests outside of work included music, mountain activities and enjoying good food and wine with friends.

Our thoughts go to his family, and to the many who have shared an important part of their professional lives with Rudy.  

His colleagues and friends