Nicolas Delruelle 1965 - 2016

On Tuesday, 20th September, many CERN colleagues gathered to attend the funeral of Nicolas Delruelle, accompanying and supporting his family in this difficult moment.

During the farewell ceremony, many colleagues and friends expressed their deep sorrow, evoking not only the career of Nicolas, but also the personality and qualities of this jovial and likeable person, who was also committed to the Staff Association.

We hope that all these moving testimonies could bring some comfort to his bereaved family.

We reproduce hereafter the tribute paid by the Staff Association to Nicolas, our dear colleague, friend and comrade in the Staff Council.


Meyrin, 20th September

Translated form the French original

In Memoriam Nicolas Delruelle

Our colleague Nicolas was elected as delegate to the CERN Staff Council in 2010. Beyond merely a colleague, Nicolas became, for all of us, a remarkable contributor to the work of the Staff Association. Soon, he joined the Executive Committee, our political organ, to represent the staff of the Technology Department.

Nicolas was dedicated to his work on the management of the CERN Pension Fund. He started his journey in the working group on the guarantee of pensions, and in 2015, he went on to chair the Pensions Commission, leading debates and forging common positions with great expertise.

As a token of his deep commitment, Nicolas also took charge of partnerships with banks and insurance companies in Switzerland. He participated actively in other commissions of the Staff Association as well, contributing to the work on employment conditions and in areas of information, training and action.

In all walks of life, Nicolas demonstrated that he was a man of convictions, and prepared to vigorously defend them. He brought to the Staff Association his vast knowledge of the domain of accelerators, his precision and methodical attitude, his great intelligence, but also his kindness, an unquestionable sense of humour, and a very generous availability.

Today, his colleagues of the Staff Association, the entire Staff Council, and all those who had the chance to work with him, feel great sorrow. They have asked me to convey their deepest condolences to his family and close relatives.

All of us will greatly miss his presence at our side, his contribution to the debates, and the force of his conviction. Still, Nicolas will forever remain in the hearts and minds of his colleagues at CERN.

by Staff Association