Long-Term Collections

45 years helping in developing countries!

CERN personnel have been helping the least fortunate people on the planet since 1971.

With the Long-Term Collections!

Dear Colleagues,

The Staff Association’s Long-Term Collections (LTC) Committee is delighted to share this important milestone in the life of our Laboratory with you. Indeed, whilst the name of CERN is known worldwide for scientific discoveries, it also shines in the many humanitarian projects which have been supported by the LTC since 1971. Several schools and clinics, far and wide, carry its logo...

Over the past 45 years, 74 projects have been supported (9 of which are still ongoing). This all came from a group of colleagues who wanted to share a little of what life offered them here at CERN, in this haven of mutual understanding, peace and security, with those who were less fortunate elsewhere. Thus, the LTC were born... Since then, we have worked as a team to maintain the dream of these visionaries, with the help of regular donations from CERN personnel.

Why Long-Term Collections? Because our assistance is not granted in one lump sum, but is scheduled twice a year, over a period of several years. This approach allows us to closely follow the results obtained with our support. In selecting projects, we favour smaller schemes relating to the education of children, health and food, as the benefits are more visible and are realised more quickly. You can read all about these success stories on our website (http://cern.ch/staffassoc/CLT/)!

Long-Term Collections also because the necessary funds are collected twice a year from donors. Indeed, we could not manage without our regular donors. Our financial health remains the arbiter of our decisions, because when we make commitments for a five-year project, we must ensure we are in a position to keep them! This is still the case today, but the number of donors is steadily declining, given the demographics of the CERN personnel.

We take this opportunity to thank today’s loyal supporters and to appeal to those who are not yet members of the LTC, in particular, to new members of personnel, to join us. The principle is very simple: register with the LTC to participate in two annual collections (15 May and 15 November). This is the most effective way to help those in need!

Ad hoc donations are always appreciated too, of course, but the best way to ensure the long-term sustainability of these humanitarian actions is by joining the LTC family as a regular contributor. The LTC Committee and all those we serve and help thanks you in advance.

Please come and meet us and view the LTC exhibition in the main building,
from 11 to 14 October 2016

by Staff Association