Thank you for attending our public meeting on 22 September!

Many thanks to all of you who accepted the Staff Association’s invitation for Thursday, 22 September. Certainly, we would have appreciated reaching an even wider audience for the single public meeting. This would have surely been possible if certain meetings had been rescheduled in agreement with the management. After all, this has already been done in the past!

Regardless, the feedback from our colleagues who were present at the meeting was very positive: the educational and fact-based approach of the presentation was very well received. Therefore, we encourage everyone who is interested to watch the video recording of this public meeting or to consult the presentation slides. This material should help to answer your questions, especially regarding the placement in grades and benchmark jobs.

The first presentation of the new Executive Committee and Bureau of the Staff Association focused mainly on the implementation of the five-yearly review and on the impacts that this review can have on careers and pensions (Echo No. 248 and Echo No. 252).

Regarding the placement:

  • in grades: we remind you that the transition from career paths and bands to grades was carried out automatically on the basis of an open and transparent process, which cannot be contested. Nonetheless, the placement of those in personal positions still remains a concern;
  • in benchmark jobs (BMJ): following this placement, which is “provisional” until 1st May 2017, those who consider that their BMJ does not correspond to their functions and qualifications can request a re-examination or a review. Staff Association encourages all those concerned to contact, in writing, their HRA and their supervisor(s) and/or to get in touch with their staff delegates who can provide them with advice and guidance.

For our part, we will continue to work together with the Management on the implementation of the five-yearly review. We will keep you regularly informed, so please do continue to read our articles, come meet us, and attend our information meetings.

by Staff Association